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Featured MenCare South Africa
Sophia Jolie
Posted By
September 16, 2016
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Client: MenCare
In an impoverished township outside of Cape Town, South Africa, a baby is only a month
away from coming into the world. As his young father and mother prepare for their first
child, his uncle, a single father, shares his thoughts on being a good dad. Poverty, unequal
gender roles, violence, and their own family histories can be daunting, but there is hope and
joy here. Follow this young family as they embark on the timeless journey: parenthood.
Directed by: Nathan Golon and Chris Keener
Director of Photography: Nathan Golon
Producer: Patrick White
Associate Producer: Dillon Babington
Original Score: Aaron Thompson
Sound Design: Darren Whyte
Color Grade - Robbie Carman
Additional Editing: Chris Tuss
Additional Camera: Timothy Gabb and Shane Alcock
Text Design: Joe Moccia
Production Assistance: Antoinette Engel, Themba Baleni, and Sonke Gender Justice