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If you are clueless as to how to turn off comments on facebook post, then firstly, log in to your Facebook account and create a post. Next, before posting your story, you need to change the privacy settings. For that, go to the right side of “News Feed” and “Your Story,” where you will find a box with Public, click on it and select More and choose “Public.”If you want to make your posts visible to everyone and “Friends” if you make the post visible to your Friend list.

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With this new change, comments can be restricted on posts at an account level or even in individual Facebook posts. You have the option to choose who is allowed to comment on your posts from options like Public, Friends, and People/Pages mentioned in the post. Facebook groups can sometimes turn out to be the land of heavy & controversial arguments. It can be overwhelming for the group admin to moderate the conversation. In such cases, it's better to turn off comments.

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