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Avinash Mittal
by on November 26, 2022

What are Mini Implant Dentures? 

Mini Implant Dentures Paducah ky, like full-size implants, are constructed of titanium and come in a range of lengths to accommodate patients' different levels of bone density. Mini dental implants are tiny anchors that don't have to go all the way through your jawbone. They screw into your jawbone directly and are made of one solid piece with a diameter of three millimeters (3mm) or less. Mini-implant dentures are often installed in less than an hour and a half during a visit.

Why go for Mini Implant Dentures? 

In situations where traditional implants cannot be placed, the use of tiny dental implants is implied. similar to when you lack: 

  • Being able to have invasive surgery 
  • Sufficient time for further dental appointments 
  • Sufficient jawbone to support a full-sized implant

Mini dental implants are more frequently used to stabilize dentures and are typically more suitable for elderly patients who may have already lost teeth, which encourages bone loss. As a result, if traditional implants are to be considered, bone grafting may be necessary. An older patient might not want to undergo this more invasive operation. Here, little implants might be a better choice.

How long does a mini Implant denture last? 

The lifespan of Mini Implant Dentures Paducah ky is shorter. The success rate for small dental implants should be between 6 and 9 years, as opposed to traditional implants, which, with proper care, should last for at least 15 years. Like regular implants, mini dental implants can sometimes fail before this time frame, usually as a result of improper hygiene or underlying medical issues.

The procedure of Mini Implant Denture 

  1. You must have a thorough consultation so that our dentist may examine your mouth and go over your medical background. Your jawbone will be examined with a 3D x-ray to see if micro-implants are a good option for you.
  2. Once a treatment plan has been decided upon, you will receive a letter detailing the plan and associated costs. After that, the surgical appointment can be scheduled.
  3. To allow for set up and post-operative guidance, the surgery will typically take 45 to 1 hour. To numb the gums, a local anesthetic is administered.
  4. Mini-implant sites are made, and after being carefully hand-screwed into the jaw, the implants are inserted. There is only minor discomfort following surgery.

What are the benefits of Mini Implant Dentures? 

If you need to replace your missing teeth but lack the necessary resources or jawbone space for major treatment, little dental dentures are a perfect solution. You should consider them as a possibility. Additionally, compared to the traditional option, they are quicker and less expensive to install.

Surgery with less force:  Using a local anesthetic, little dental implants can be inserted. Compared to conventional dental implants, the treatment is considerably less intrusive and might be less uncomfortable.

Shorter time to recuperation: Many patients recover more rapidly thanks to the miniaturized size and minimally invasive technique used to place tiny dental implants.

Reduced price:  Mini dental implants can run up a hefty bill. However, they are frequently less expensive than conventional dental implants.

Jawbone density can be reduced:  For their size to be supported, conventional dental implants need a particular amount of jawbone mass. Smaller mini implants don't need as much jawbone cosmetic dentistry paducah ky. They, therefore, suit those whose jawbone density has been reduced as a result of tooth decay, trauma, or diseases like osteoporosis that cause bone loss.

Foods to Steer Clear of After Dental Implants: 

  1. Items that are firm and crunchy, such as seeds, nuts, taco shells, hard candies, and potato chips. 
  2. Foods that are sticky, like caramels. foods that are acidic include tomatoes and citrus fruits. 
  3. Foods that are hot and spicy, such as soups, coffee, tea, and dishes that contain a lot of pepper or spices.


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