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I love my laptop, but sometimes you just need a bigger workspace. Particularly if you work with prints, video, or multiple docs or sheets at once, having a bigger monitor can make for more comfortable working. I presently use a 14- inch MacBook Pro and while it’s great for the journey, it’s too small for detailed video editing which I do nearly daily. For that reason, I’ve been testing out a lot of monitors. The 32- inch Samsung M8 monitor in evening pink has arrived in my test kitchen, and further than a simple 4K computer monitor, this baby has a design- concentrated look and it doubles as a television, making it pretty ideal for lower spaces, like dorm rooms, or shared apartments.

Smart Home Reviews:

In this review, I’ll look at what this monitor can do, what sets it apart, what it’s good at and not so good at, and if I can recommend it to you.

What’s Samsung M8 Smart Monitor?

This 2022 edition 32-inch monitor is a 4K Ultra High Definition( UHD) smart monitor, and it actually looks. alot like Apple’s Studio Display, albeit at about half the price. I may be skipping ahead here but if you’re looking at Apple’s monitor, stop and look closer at the M8.

This 169 display with a 60 Hz refresh rate comes with a detachable webcam, and it has smart streaming built in so you can use it as a television too, with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney, and Apple TV all available via Wi-Fi without having to connect to a PC or television. There’s also a small remote control; mainly for using it as a television, but it does come in handy for adjusting the monitor settings too.

The monitor comes in some cool colors which are surely satisfying my design sensibilities. It sits on a flat thin foot and is adjustable up or down within about1.5 to 6 inches off its foot. In a bit of design oversight, it doesn’t have a VESA adapter so you can’t put it on an examiner’s arm to get it off your desk space, which is a bit of a shame.

The monitor has nearly no bezel or edge and the screen is huge with lots of space.

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