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Avinash Mittal
by on September 21, 2022

Be wary of Vclub Carding, a fraudulent carding website. This site, which claims to be the Joker's Stash, gives its members access to the compromised credit cards of hundreds of thousands of people. To avoid being a victim, be sure to avoid the website and any of its ads.

Mbiemrat E Nyjshem Shembuj

The vclub carding competition has been organized in Prizren for more than 100 years. Its competitions have a lot of participants from all over the world. The winners receive a special prize. This is one of the most popular and prestigious carding competitions in the Balkans.

The vclub.tel carding competition is held in a different zone in Prizren each year. There are two zones for the event, the Berishes zone and the Gjakoves zone. PD-JA is the ruling party in Prizren, with Mustafa Bakija as its leader and 26 councilors.


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