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Mark Watson
by on September 13, 2022

You can very easily set up a Wi-Fi network at home might. The process might sound intimidating but it is not at all difficult with the help of wireless routers. There are instructions stated in the router manual and default credentials at the back of the router to configure it. The most important perk of using the Wi-Fi is that it helps us to enjoy high speed internet without worrying about data usage cost and limitations.

Let’s see how to establish wireless connection through WPS button. There is a WPS button on router Netgear. WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup. You can enable the WPS settings and connect your internet devices to your router.

Steps to enable WPS method:

  • Go to the router configuration menu.
  • Click on the wireless settings.
  • Then, click on basic security settings.
  • Here you will see the option, turn wireless on/off
  • Click on the on button.
  • Click on apply to save the changes.

Thereafter, you can simply press the WPS button on the router and the device. The device will detect each other and establish a connection.

Sometimes, you find Netgear router not working. It could be due to server error or some physical object hindering the signal strength. You might be entering the incorrect login credentials. In any case, here are some troubleshooting ways which will help you restore the functioning of the router.

Ways to fix Netgear router not working:

  • The first step is to restart the router and see if it regains the signal.
  • Move your devices closer to the Wi-Fi.
  • Check for any updates and upgrade the router firmware.
  • Try changing the router’s IP address.
  • Check for any physical damages.
  • Reset the router and set it to default settings and then configure the router.

For further security of your network you can access Netgear router Firewall. Under the Security tab, in the left panel. Click on Firewall rules. You can select the services you require from the list. It gives you the option to add and eliminate from multiple choices and you can click on Apply at last to complete the process. It works well for small business and remote offices. The Net gear firewall offers protection against unwanted traffic and DoS attacks.

When you are done setting up your router and extender, sometimes it shows Netgear 403 forbidden. It means that there is some misconfiguration from your side. But there is nothing to worry about, it can be resolved through following common troubleshooting steps. The first step is to reboot the device and restart it. Go to the browser history and clear the cache and cookies. You can contact your Internet Service Provider in case there is no internet connectivity.

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