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Lisa Brown
by on January 10, 2022

The Outlook email client search function is a helpful tool that will allow the users to smoothly search for the specific information in an email like data, sender, keywords, or folders where it is saved. But if you encounter the Outlook search not working, then here are the methods available to troubleshoot the issue.

The process to Deal with Outlook Search is Not Working

To get started with, if you want to troubleshoot the issue of the Outlook search function not working properly, then check out some of the methods available to deal with it:

  1. Check Outlook Index Location

To smoothly check for the Outlook index location; you need to open Outlook and proceed to file > options > search > indexing options. After that, choose to modify it from the indexing options panel. Ensure there is a check alongside the Microsoft Outlook and then click to OK.

  1. Use Outlook Index Repair Menu Option 

The next method available is to use the Outlook index repair menu option, and here you can find it. Start by opening Outlook and choose file > options > search. After that, choose indexing options and then advance.

Lastly, you can choose to rebuild and tap OK. This process will take some time; you can complete the rebuilding process by restarting your system.

  1. Update your Microsoft Outlook 

If your software is out-of-date, then it might create some glitches. So, the best alternative available is to update Outlook and troubleshoot the issue smoothly. If you want to know about the steps to update Microsoft Outlook, then here’s what you have to do:

  • Click on Outlook.
  • Choose file and tap to Office account.
  • After that, click on update options under the product information.
  • Click to enable updates if the option is available.
  • Lastly, click to update now.

Summing Up

Follow the steps as mentioned in the post and smoothly deal with the issue of Outlook search not working issue. It is recommended to follow the steps properly and to start using your Outlook properly to avoid any further issues.

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