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by on September 23, 2015
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Hi gorgeous! If you have a pet, I hope these DIYs help you make something special and personal for your furry loved one. If you don’t have a pet and you’d like one: I encourage you to adopt! Most of the shelter pets in this video are up for adoption right now in Los Angeles. Check the links below that correspond to the video:
Apple (dog) - http://la.bestfriends.org/get-involved/adopt/pet/9094535
Jimmy (dog) - http://la.bestfriends.org/get-involved/adopt/pet/9094546
Chester (cat) - http://nkla.org/adopt-a-pet/center-pets/chester/9147619
Becky (dog) - http://la.bestfriends.org/get-involved/adopt/pet/9094563
Liam (cat) - http://la.bestfriends.org/get-involved/adopt/pet/9094589
Zoey (dog) - http://la.bestfriends.org/get-involved/adopt/pet/9131305
Uno (cat) - http://la.bestfriends.org/get-involved/adopt/pet/9094530
FREE GIVEAWAY for your pet!
To find a shelter, learn about adoption, or search for a pet, go to http://theshelterpetproject.org/.
Visit http://www.humanesociety.org/ to learn more about pets and responsible pet ownership. To keep pets inside homes and out of shelters, visit http://humanesociety.org/petsarewelcome.
For more information on Best Friends Animal Society please visit http://www.bestfriends.org - additional information on the animals featured in this video can be found at http://la.bestfriends.org/ or by calling 818.643.3989
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The Humane Society
Instagram: @humanesociety
Twitter: @HumaneSociety
Facebook: The Humane Society of the United States
Best Friends Animal Society
Instagram: @bestfriendsanimalsociety
Twitter: @bestfriends
Facebook: Facebook.com/bestfriendsanimalsociety
This is not a sponsored video ( obviously ) ;)
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