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Patricia Brown

Today, technology is associated with every essential activity of life, from home to the street, from corporate offices, production businesses to entertainment activities. The era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 brought rapid technological development. As technology develops, the design industry also changes with the trends of the times, bringing many breakthroughs in the field of design and contributing to society.

The technology era redefines design / design

People gradually increase interaction with each other through technology devices, feel the convenience and speed clearly compared to traditional methods. Previously, people could only chat, receive information, trade or enjoy art masterpieces when meeting and interacting in person, coming to hear in person, seeing with their own eyes, nowadays, technology has brought the world to each person through tiny devices, unlocking a wealth of data through simple press and touch interactions. The process of accessing and using technology also creates more new habits, behaviors and even new needs; Therefore, in order to meet and catch up with the trends of the times, technology also moves and changes, promoting the development of many professions, including design.

Design serves as an important bridge to convey messages from the technology device to the target audience. To be accepted by society, new designs need to be technological, created on the basis of technology, or more accurately, design and development of technology go hand in hand and interact with each other. Many breakthrough trends of the design field in the past ten years are mostly imbued with technology, typically the Design Thinking (Design Thinking) trend.

It is not natural that the "giants" in the technology industry such as Microsoft, Samsung or Apple spend great investments in product design, designing optimal user experience. If the iMac was the designer's old dream with a large screen, high configuration, the Window Surface Studio made the art community aroused with top-notch design support features. Samsung is also involved in this field when continuously releasing tablets or phones that come with a dedicated S-pen to help users design quickly. minecraft classic

In the opposite direction, it is the design field that influences technology development. Recently, animation has been applied a lot in UI design to convey a specific idea before being put into real products. Or the 3D style is increasingly popular and becomes the focus of today's application interfaces. Vivid 3D images help users step into the real world of technology. In 2020, illustrations are predicted to be the most popular trend of designers. Apps use flat illustrations with bright, vibrant, modern colors that easily attract users to stay in the app for longer.

The trend to digitize all special activities can be seen clearly through the current global period of Covid-19 translation. Even famous concerts, art shows, and exhibitions that used to be performed and displayed in special places - can now be accessed and enjoyed quickly by everyone, as long as they are Internet connection. More than 1/3 of the world's population must Work from home through online working applications such as Zoom, Skype, Trello, Email .., because it is impossible to reach the office, ensuring social distance.

With the frequency of technology appearing so often, creeping into all corners of life, design now has one more task of shaping human behavior. All experiences on the technology platform have a great impact on emotions, thoughts, perception and behavior of each person. Designers need to reposition and expand design concepts: design is about establishing and creating new things that are useful and aesthetically pleasing to society.

Design in the age of technology

Design work in the technology era takes place quickly and attaches to many fields (education, architecture, fashion, furniture, media, graphics, e-commerce ...,). available in many different forms as well as channels (AR, VR, 3D images, mobile apps, video games, ATM devices, outdoor signage, shopping websites, learning apps and work online ...)

App design, interface design for software, mobile applications have become a new trend in the 4.0 era, where mobile devices can do almost anything, from entertainment to public entertainment. work and communication. One of the other ways to support the application design work is to use specialized tools with modern technology, not only save time and costs but also make a difference and design for the product. is created compared to traditional methods.

Interaction Design - Interactive design is also a prominent trend that is applied a lot in website design, creating a unique experience for users.

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I totally agree with your thoughts. I think Covid-19 has influenced a lot. Almost every field is online now. You can also read more about special platforms for online businesses. I can't decide if I find it useful or not. Of course, it was great during the pandemic. We could order everything we need. But know we should move me and go outside. There should be some reasons for that. 

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Anna Jenner

The trend to digitize is growing every day. That is why many small, medium and large businesses are going online. When you plan to develop a website, you might think over the idea of outsource web development. And that is very good idea, because outsourcing helps you to enhance your digital presence—quickly and fill in the gaps of missing expertise.

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100% agree. Remote work and online businesses are a new normal. We all need digitalization. If you don't have internal resources, find outsoursing services. I myself found an outsourcing IT company for creating my website. They recommended me what technology to use https://itmaster-soft.com/en/laravel-app-development-services what features to include and what steps to take while development. Great experience for me!

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