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Kelvin Smith
by on August 11, 2020

Avast signature is meant to your outgoing emails that are safe and secure. You can turn this off of adding up an email signature whether it’s from Gmail or any other email client. By using your Avast program, you can do this easily. So If you don’t know how to remove Avast signature from Gmail, follow the highlighted steps here mentioned below.

Easy Steps for Disabling or Turning Off Email Signature

  •     Right-click on your Avast icon displaying on the Desktop tray and open its user-interface. 
  •     In the upper-right corner, select the Settings from the drop-down menu. 
  •     Select the Protection icon displayed on the left pane.
  •     Select the Core Shields option.
  •     Scroll down to configure shield settings.
  •     Under the Mail Shield tab, uncheck the Add a signature to the end of the sent emails.
  •     Restart your web browser and try sending an email from Gmail and check if you are still able to note the signature in the outgoing or incoming emails. 
  •       Whereas if the checkbox is disabled, you need to enable the checkbox to make the email signature feature enabled.

There are other issues too that directly or indirectly have been associated with your Avast program. If you are getting one of the issues – for example, failing over Dri avast software refund process, let us know by connecting with our professional directly. 

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