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by on September 30, 2019


HYT H2 Pilot Watch

Do not understand the HYT watch. It is difficult for them to read the time from the "fluid" hour indicator.HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG, For some people, the new HYT H2 pilot is meaningless because the traditional aviation watch is the clearest and most readable. But this is not a pilot watch: it is a modern timepiece that draws inspiration from the design code and can be interpreted for its basic simplicity.

The HYT H2 pilot is a dress-up version of the HYT H2, just like the HYT H1 Air released earlier this year (view comments here) is the same as the H1 version. We have seen fluid-filled bellows that used to be V-shaped. We hope that the outstanding balance and balance bridge will be able to decorate the dial at 12 o'clock; we could have put life on the yellow/green liquid that appears around the dial. What we may not see is the complete redesign of the minute hand, adding a large, clear number to the dial surface (on the floating sapphire minute hand) and the brand's striking new strap material.

The minute hand may be the first thing that people who are familiar with the original HYT H2 should point out. In the first model, the pointer is a slender finger-type pointer whose color code matches the overall color of the watch. In this avatar, the hand is a bold red arrow with ample space for luminescent paint.swiss replica watches, The original pointer was also designed in a “multi-level” design, taking a big step in the middle, taking advantage of the watch's impressive 17.9mm height and huge sapphire dial clearance. Novices have a higher position on the Canon pinion and are completely flat. It looks more impactful, and its cool, diagonal stripes are one of the best I've ever seen.

Of course, this balanced experimental design can only be achieved if there is enough room to play. The initial width of the HYT H2 pilot was 48.8 mm, but the increase in actual area was due to the lack of a traditional dial. Many dial furniture are actually functional, and although these watches are far from the skeleton, their honest appearance gives them great flexibility in terms of depth and layout. I think this is what I like most about them: the case and its anti-reflective "box" sapphire, actually a display case for storing multiple fine-machined parts. I keep in touch with every watch in the HYT series, I can say that complexity is not the reason for their excellence; attention to detail and the uniqueness of each functional component make them more standard.

Technically, this watch is as impressive as its pioneer. The movement was built with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi with a power reserve of 192 hours (8 days), a titanium bridge with micro-sprayed black PVD coating and a titanium satin appliqué with a balance of 21,600. Vph. And 28 jewels.Bell & Ross Vintage BR 126 replica Watches

In terms of height, I would not discuss how the HYT H2 pilot watch is theoretically performing in the aircraft cockpit. The watch is definitely clearer than the old H2, but it must be noted that the minute hand persists (in order to allow the pointer to "miss" the bellows when the dial is rotated) the minute mark is slightly off normal. In this way (even after mastering the hour display), you can read the time at a glance. However, the “sub-tick” element – ​​the crown position indicator (3 o'clock) and the temperature indicator (9 o'clock) – are reasonably sized and do not interfere with reading time.

The time stamp is coated with an anthracite Super-LumiNova, plus a generously lit minute hand and a yellow/green liquid that seems to glow in the shadows, making the watch useful in low light conditions. In daylight, the readability of the face is enhanced by the use of contrast: the active ingredient is usually made of steel with slanted edges, against the background of the DLC. This makes all the elements that must be noticed by you stand out. It also looks cool, this is what I want most for HYT.

The strap is coated with Kevlar (aramid synthetic fiber, extremely high strength, extremely resistant to wear or temperature fluctuations). It is a material used in many aircraft parts and protective clothing such as flight suits. From a style and practice point of view, it is all right and very helpful to me. Kevlar is neither classic nor sporty. It is as tough as NATO, but much more luxurious than a simple webbing. Contrast red stitching provides a beautifully colored link to the dial.

As always, HYT has done a great job in designing works with strong inner cohesion. I'm not sure if the aviation field is best suited for this unique timing model, but I commend the design team for their efforts to push HYT's DNA to classic watches. I like to see what HYT can do when it turns its attention to another area of ​​our industry. What is the next step? Tilting turntable watch? Deep sea diver? Liquid chronograph? I can't wait to find the answer.Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica watches


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