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xing sheng zhou
by on December 27, 2017

I think should use a drill, preferably a cordless screwdriver / drill because they are quite slow and you can vary the speed.Put it to a drill that has a very slow rotation setting,then the rest is simple ! Put a small mark on the chuck with tape or paint so you can count the revolutions, if you need to know the number of turns. Ideally you want to maintain a constant tension on the wire as it comes off the reel. You can do that by running the Enameled Aluminum Wire from the reel between 2 felt pads stuck to the jaws of a vice (you could use the soft part of velcro).


Step 1: You Will Need

A pare of scissors

A wire spool

As well as the China Enameled Aluminum Wire!

Step 2: Unwind the Tape

This is the hardest part as well as the most boring!

The tape usually starts where the two wires go in or sometimes about 6 inches down.

If you want to keep the tape you could wrap it around a pencil or something.

Use the scissors to cut excess tape and the two main wires but DONT cut the magnet wire!!!

Step 3: Unwind the Copper

Do it however you want, put the wire over my knee and turned it and wrapped at around the spool.

Step 4: And Your Done

Now you got tons of wire to make transformers, electromagnets, coil guns, etc. whatever you want with it!

Enameled Aluminum Wire Is Available in Various Length is an integrated industrial and trade enterprise specialized in Enameled Copper Wire with UL certification. There are more than 120 employees and 20 production lines in the company with an annual output of over 7,200 tons and yearly export volume of over 4,000 tons. Our products have exported to more than 30 countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

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